We create mind-blowing experiences for clients around the world. Our main goal is to use the latest technology advances to communicate messages in an original and innovative way and generate crowd-pleasing moments. We have specialised in creating unique digital experiences including 3D Projection Mapping, Hologram Projection, 3D Stereoscopy, 3D VR, AR and Mixed Reality.

Who we are

Technology Enthusiasts, Engineers and Artists

The Digital HUB

Operating from Toronto, Canada, LPX Digital Inc. offers services to the entire globe with strategic alliances in Sao Paulo, Chicago, Los Angeles, Bogotá and London.



High Impact Events

Offering you full service event management, we can support you from event concept to completion. We have specialised in producing the best quality digital contents for small or large events, private or corporate.

Our aim is to apply our know-how and innovative spirit to put together genuinely exceptional digital interactive eventslike 3D mappings, interactive applications, shows, etc.

Technology Consultancy

We bring your ideas to reality using the best techonoly that suits your needs.

Holographic Projection

We create shows and concerts made with cutting-edge technology at the level of concerts performed in the major world cities and with the novelty of the holographic projection system.

Show Design

We bring together the newest and most innovative staging technologies for any type of event.

Design and Permanent Installations

Art Installations, Luxury Hotels and High End facilities.







Our team is well equipped with creative minds of specialist designers, artists and composers.

Jaime López


Physicist with Master in Optical Engineering and over 18 years of experience in the entertainment industry, who has participated in the biggest live shows in the world. Jaime is a natural born entrepreneur that has led the development of digital contents, from stereoscopic 3D to holographic projections and 3D mappings.

jaime@lpxdigital.com   jaime@lpxdigital.com

Juliana Pérez


Audiovisual artist with extensive knowledge in production, screenwriting, acting direction and specialized in producing an idea creatively, effectively and with the highest quality. She has more than 5 years of experience with live events, tv commercials and product launches.

juliana@lpxdigital.com   juliana@lpxdigital.com



Rafael Jiménez

Production Director

Graphic designer and character animator with 14 years of experience in motion graphics, commercials, illustration and as animator on movies such as "Savva" (Russia) and "Underdogs" (Argentina).

lida@lpxdigital.com rafael@rafaelj.com

David Correa

Art Director

Graphic Designer with 10 years of experience on editorial illustration, audiovisual media, traditional animation and art direction..

rafael@lpxdigital.com david.correa.50@gmail.com



Andrés Cuevas

Motion Graphics Artist

Multimedia Engineer, specialized in motion graphics design and digital compositing, with 2 years of experience in visual media for advertising.

david@lpxdigital.com   kamecg@gmail.com

Diego Córdoba


Graphic Designer specialized in digital and interactive media and art direction, with experience in motion graphics, 2D animation and 3D Modelling.

andres.cuevas@lpxdigital.com   diegoliquido@gmail.com


Nicolás Reyes

Sound Designer

Sound engineer specialized in sound design. Four years of experience in sound design for advertising and short films.


diego@lpxdigital.com   reyescnicolas@gmail.com

Juliana Erazo

Art Direction Assistant

Visual Artist, specialized in audiovisual and digital media. She has experience in video editing, digital and traditional illustration and compositing.

inti@lpxdigital.com   tehura03@gmail.com