LPX Digital is a creative and innovative production house that develops Immersive Video Experiences and uses state of the art technology to provide solutions for displaying digital content in different mediums. From 3D projection Mapping, to Holograms or Mixed reality and augmented reality, our content, technology and your ideas become a full visual experience.

Our Services Include:

Video Production Services from Storyboard to finish:

Whether is a corporate video, or a 3D projection mapping or a pixel map installation with LED Screens, we work with your team to conceptualize and develop a visual experience.

Consultancy on the best medium and format to be presented:

Based on Venue, location, and type of show specifications, we work with you to create a unique and novel way to combine a range of tools like projectors, LED Screens, TVs, android devices, IPad etc. to advise you where and how you could combine or use any of these tools for delivering the video content.

Show Production Design, Stage Design, and previsualization:

Most of the time, since the final delivery of the content is going to be presented in complex and different conditions than the standard TV format display, customers don’t have a way of seeing it in real life prior to the show, that’s why we use previsualization software to create a virtual environment where our clients can see beforehand how our visual concept is going to look. All our concept designs are presented this way to make sure you and your clients really see it the way is going to be.

On Site Production and Direction:

to make sure everything looks and plays like it was designed for. Our team assists you and walk with you every step of the way until the show is finished.

Media Server operation and playback:

Our vast experience in the Video Production, staging and touring industry is at your disposal. We will make sure that the content we work so hard to make for you will look beautiful and mesmerizing on that sexy screen set up.



Creative and art design for live shows


Immersive video experiences


Holographic projections


Stereoscopic content


VR / AR content development



Jaime López


Jaime is a natural born entrepreneur who has led the development of digital content, from stereoscopic 3D to holographic projections and 3D mappings, Jaime is considered to be ‘’the 3D technology pioneer in Latin America’’. Jaime created and developed the acclaimed video software and DMX control for live shows, the world renowned "Brash Media Server“, which made him winner of LDI’s best product of the year award in 2004. Brash Media Server has been used worldwide in tours for artists including Madonna, Bon Jovi, Destiny's Child and others. Jaime also has served as Visual Designer for many internationally-recognized artists including Tiesto, Chris Brown and Prince. Jaime is the founder and CEO of LPX Digital which has a range of clients from world class performers to corporate clients that include Google, Hasbro and Coca Cola.

jaime@lpxdigital.com   jaime@lpxdigital.com

Juliana Pérez

General Producer

Audiovisual artist with extensive knowledge in production, screenwriting, acting direction and specialized in producing an idea creatively, effectively and with the highest quality. She has more than 10 years of experience with live events, tv commercials and product launches. Proficient in all post-production packages and editing suites: After Effects, Premiere, Sony Vegas, Final Cut, Illustrator, Photoshop and 3D Max. Latest works included the Post Production and edition of all the audiovisual contents for “Prince, Live on the Big Screen” and General Content production for Google On Board, Datacenter 4dx and Inmmersive Dinner, projects that where replicated in 6 different cities of Latin America.

juliana@lpxdigital.com   juliana@lpxdigital.com




Paul Spindler


Chartered Certified Accountant, with extensive experience in cross border finance, taxation and transactions, Paul spent 15 years, 10 as Partner, at a mid-sized (500 Employees) accountancy practice in London and has recently built up a portfolio of smaller business that require his experience and skill set for expansion, transactions or finance capacity building. Paul has acquired extensive experience of a wide variety of business situations from multinationals to small owner managed businesses. Previous work has included the proposed acquisition of 256 Bank Branches by Banco Santander in the UK, Acquisition of companies listed on the Sao Paulo stock exchange by a Saudi investment fund. Establishing Investment funds in Panama for investment into Colombia. Raising money and investing in small technology businesses. Paul resides in the UK and Colombia depending on the time of year.

lida@lpxdigital.com paul@lpxdigital.com